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A Devoted User Base

On my journey supporting Mac users over 34 years I found very few people willing to move over from Mac to Windows PCs.  Once they begin using Apple products they are solidly in line with the ecosystem of hardware and software integration.  There is a big difference  between the level of enthusiasm at Apple User Group meetings  vs. PC User group meetings.



Pembroke Elementary

Dear Governor Angus King,

As a demonstration site for the laptop initiative we have been experiencing a flurry of excitement here at Pembroke School. All the excitement is not without fear as we anticipate becoming leaders in the boldest educational endeavor I have been involved in. But, the people that have been here to make technical preparations have done much to ease those fears.

As of yesterday we are wireless, ports in place and functional. As each team from Apple has been to our building I have been extremely impressed with their efficiency, friendliness and organization.

Today Joe Bisson and Dave Sevick from Precision Consulting arrived at our building about 11:30. They came straight to my office and introduced themselves. They went to work immediately and were very open to my shadowing them wherever they went. I am determined to absorb as much information as possible as each step is taking place. These gentlemen went about their job with great expertise and at the same time stopped to explain everything they were doing. They used terminology that was easy for me to understand and I really felt I had an excellent grasp of what was being done. Some of the 7th and 8th grade students were present and Dave even took the time to explain to them the process he was going through. That type of action gives our young people a sense of ownership of this project. We have involved them in every step along the way and the men from Precision did the same.

This type of efficiency, expertise and down to earth attitude has been the case with all the people that have come to our building thus far; Paul doing the walk through, the two men doing the wiring, Dave and Joe and the people from Apple that I have met and/or had phone conferences with. Each time I deal with people my fears diminish and the excitement heightens.

We now await the arrival of the iBooks themselves and look forward to our continued relationship with all the Apple representatives throughout this project.

Paula Smith PhD, Principal
Pembroke, Maine Elementary School




We have used Dave Sevick for many years here at GNC. We have our own IT staff however we are not Mac experts. We contract time each year with Dave to assist my IT team when we hit issues we cannot resolve or to have assistance with major upgrades. Often times Dave responds to us by email with a few tips that usually work and get us up and running without needing to have him onsite. When we need to have him in he has usually been in on the same or next day.


Dave also offers remote support that sometimes speeds up the resolution. He can remote in and often times fix the issue in less time than it would take to arrive onsite. If he is booked he sends another person from his network to assist if requested. I have worked with everyone in his network and never had any issues. They are very professional and work well with my team and the users we support.

If you’re looking for Mac support you have found it. Don’t look any further. We used another company once that prepackaged the support in with the purchase of equipment and saying it was a nightmare would be an understatement. The support we received was not professional. They were very disruptive, inappropriate and inefficient.

I would never hesitate to recommend Dave Sevick's services because he and his professional colleagues, such as Charles Firth, have served us well here at GNC.

Jason Connor
Senior Systems Administrator
General Nutrition Corporation, Inc.



I have known Dave Sevick since the opening of MacOutfitters in Cranberry Township in November of 1999. We worked together professionally at MacOutfitters and MARC USA, and personally at North Pittsburgh Mac User Group meetings.

Dave provided technical support in break-fix scenarios that occurred at MARC as well as preventative maintenance for 30 to 50 Mac laptops and desktops. I would provide him with a list of things I needed completed on each laptop (OS updates, software updates, HD defragging, new software installs, and etc), run through one laptop with him, and then send him off to complete the list. Other times, users would alert me to issues while he was working on a machine and Dave would troubleshoot the issue right there, or alert me.

Dave is very prompt to return a phone call or e-mail unless he is heavily involved in something with a client. I can recall dinners at 10PM during the opening of MacOutfitters where he’d still be fielding support calls on his cell phone. Almost all communiqués are returned the same day depending on the time received and their urgency.

MARC used Dave for several years. He did onsite contract work prior to me coming on board and we continued to use him for offsite support the next 3 years. The need for external help decreased as I took on more and more responsibilities at MARC and could handle most everything in-house.

I was very satisfied with the quality of Dave’s work. He always keeps abreast of new technologies and how they can be implemented. Once you work with him, it won’t take long to see he is passionate about what he does and the satisfaction he gets from helping users.

I would definitely recommend him to others. I recommend him to users at MARC with Macs at home that the company does not support. I have only heard good things from my users regarding his service. Dave has many contacts with different focuses in the Mac world so if he does not know something off the top of his head, he has a lot of resources to call upon.


T.J. Pile
Systems/Mac Administrator
MARC USA Advertising

Three Rivers
Endoscopy Centers

I have known Dave for over 20 years and have called upon his Mac expertise on many occasions - both in my home and in my 57 employee medical office. Dave has always been able to come up with a quick and cost effective solution to any problem that I have given him. I can recommended him without reservation....


Bob Fusco, MD

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